Helao Nafidi, Luderitz Waterfront to team up


THE northern town of Helao Nafidi and the Luderitz Waterfront will enter into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the two entities cooperating in different fields. This was revealed to Confidente by Helao Nafidi mayor Darius Shaalukeni during an interview this week.

According to Shaalukeni, his town and the Luderitz Waterfront will cooperate in areas which will see the two towns benefitting massively.

“We want to enter in an agreement with the Luderitz Waterfront so that our town can benefit in areas such as tourism, education and infrastructural development.

The Luderitz Waterfront is a massive project in the //Kharas region and that’s why we want to forge a partnership with them in order to work together with them so that we can develop our town,” said Shaalukeni who spent a week in Luderitz on an official work visit.

According to the politician, when the partnership is forged, pupils and students from schools in and around Helao Nafidi, will have the opportunity to visit the waterfront and other areas of interest in the town of Luderitz and acquaint themselves with marine life, something that will also help them with their studies.

“Right now most of our pupils are taught many things that are connected to marine life but they have not experienced them first hand.

With this proposed partnership, a lot of them will have the opportunity to visit Luderitz and experience marine life,” Shaalukeni said adding that the Luderitz Waterfront has a state of the art aquarium, housing a plethora of marine animals. With regard to tourism, the mayor said his town will be hosting business people and businesses from the town of Luderitz during the Helao Nafidi annual trade expo which is held in the town each year.

“Imagine them (business people), coming to show us what they have that side during our trade expo?

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It will benefit us and it will also promote their town as a tourist destination. Those are the sort of partnerships that we want.

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Shaalukeni also stressed he will implore and convince his counterparts from the harbor town to set up an aquarium at Oshikango in order to bring marine life closer to the people of northern Namibia.

“It will not only benefit us but the people of Luderitz as well. We might also have people from Angola visiting Luderitz if they get to know what is offered there through an aquarium displayed at Oshikango in our town of Helao Nafidi,” he stressed further noting that there is also a need for the establishment of cultural centres in both places where each town would display cultural items from the other town.

“If you look at the Luderitz Waterfront you find a lot of things in their museum. Many things that many of us have never seen before. If we can have something similar to that, where some things are displayed, it will benefit our town and people,” he concluded.