‘Hello’ from Sally Boss Madam and Tate Buti

By Rosalia David

SOME Namibian collaborating stars are taking the time to experiment with different genres or acts one may never have expected to see them hook up with. This time around, Afro-fusion singer Sally Boss Madam and Tate Buti have collaborated on a catchy love song, titled ‘Hello’, which is already topping local airwaves only a few days after its release.

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Sally described it as a love song which speaks about a relationship that started off as just a dream.

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“The song is actually a love song, talking about how one starts off the relationship from just a dream but as the relationship goes the guy works extra hard to make her happier. It is basically just a love song.

For those who know Boss Madam, she rarely sports feature artists on her albums or songs, but this time around, the two creatives came together and created a killer track that gained popularity before it was even officially released.

“I have worked with Tate Buti before on his song, if not on two songs, it is really nothing new. We have a good chemistry in the studio when we are working together and we get along very well,” she said.

Although they have worked together before, the cheerful Boss Madam explained that it was the first time she is featuring Tate Buti on her own initiated project.

“We have done a lot of collaborations with him in the past but this is the first time a song [with him in it] appears on my project. So, obviously this one makes it special. It is always a pleasure working with him because he’s a very talented guy.

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He’s also hilarious as usual but a good calm spirit to work with. We get along very well.”

She says she plans to shoot a music video for the song but it will likely be released at a later stage. ‘Hello’ is a single from her upcoming album ‘Lucky Girl’, which will be released on 30 November.

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