Helmut amendments divide Swapo

By Hertta-Maria Amutenja   and Hilary Mare

CONTENTIOUS clauses within the Swapo constitution popularly known as the ‘Helmut amendments’ have divided the ruling party with some calling for their immediate removal before the 2022 elective congress to widen the pool for potential top four leaders.

The clauses which were also discussed at the Swapo introspection last year as blocking the youth cohort from challenging for positions of significance within the party, have spilled onto the Swapo think tank’s agenda, Confidente has been told.

The clauses which were amended in 2017 at Helmut Angula’s recommendation are said to have held the party back in the wake of changing political dynamics which have seen youthful rivals emerge in the political arena.

Clause 8 of Article 15, 16 and 17 of the Swapo constitution which pertain to the requirements to vie for the positions of president, vice president and secretary general all dictate that the candidate should have persistently and consistently been a member of the Central Committee for a minimum 10 years.




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