Heritage week learnership commended

• By Martha Nangombe

MINISTRY of Mines and Energy in partnership with Debmarine Namibia is celebrating Namibian Heritage Week (NHW) by educating learners from different schools on mining and the different natural resources found in the country.

Namibian Heritage Week is an opportunity for all Namibians to participate in a celebration of the country’s natural and cultural heritage.

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The slogan for this year’s heritage week is ‘Unity in Diversity’ by enhancing knowledge and awareness of Namibia’s geological resources through scientific investigation as well as application and dissemination of quality research data.

Debmarine Namibia sponsored NHW by providing the learners with food and drinks.

Ministry of Mine and Energy’s Chief Geoscientist at The Museum, Helke Mocke emphasised on the importance of educating learners on the different types of minerals in Namibia as well as knowing how valuable our natural resource are.

“It is very important for our learners to know the resources that our country produces as well as what is produced from those materials once processed.

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“It is significant for us to teach our children what our materials are used for, like from the different types of oils, rocks, rare earth materials and what can be made out of those materials,” Mocke said.