Higher education ministry clarifies Geingos recall

By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

The Higher Education Ministry has been drawn into a discriminatory storm that brings into question administrative practices, generates worries and questions the decision-making processes and staff treatment.

The dispute is centred on a voice message between higher education Executive Director Alfred Kent and former UNESCO Deputy Permanent Delegate and Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Bioethics Council Dr. Immolatrix Geingos.

The audio note captures a conversation between Kent and Geingos on her recall from the Deputy Permanent Delegate position on an overseas assignment.

In this exchange, Kent informs Geingos that she is available for a deputy director job in several departments. However, Geingos prefers a director role, citing her significant expertise and prior duties. The Namibian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO is led by Namibia’s Ambassador to France, Ambassador Albertus Aochamub, who also serves as Namibia’s Permanent Delegate to UNESCO.

The delegation is manned by two full-time members who were seconded by the Higher Education Ministry in 2015. Geingos, who served as Deputy Permanent Delegate until Bonitha Samwele took over as Administrative Assistant.

In an interview, Kent said policies control the secondment of employees to government agencies and foreign organisations.  He, however, could not corroborate the veracity of the voice note.