Homophobic hate crime: beaten-up for being gay

By Martha Nangombe

LOCAL TikTok fanatic and chef, Abisai Hango was left traumatised after an attack by four men and left bruised in a homophobic attack after a night out in Windhoek on January 14 at Fashion Bar.

“I thought Windhoek was the best place to be happy and safe, until I was beaten by four men who maybe we jealous or against my sexual orientation as a gay man.

I was dragged out of the club and assaulted, kicked in the face and left with serious bruises and injuries,” he said.

Popularly known as Omazeketelo, Hango got married to his husband in South Africa in June last year.

The entertainer, who is well known on social media for his vibrant personality and outspoken traits told Confidente the ordeal left him in shock as he never expected such a thing to happen to him.

“I cannot think of a reason why I was targeted for such brutal treatment especially in my home country.

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the only reason I can think of is that I was targeted because of homophobic reasons as I am very open about being gay and it is something that I have not hidden from any of my followers, either on TikTok,” he said

This attack comes after an incident that happened in 2021 where Oc Ebs opened up about his attack where he was not able to leave his apartment after allegedly being attacked by a security guard in Windhoek and claimed the security guard was being homophobic towards him and was called a ‘moffie’.