Hope for local body building

• By Michael Uugwanga

NAMIBIA’S top female professional body builder Alethea Borman is working towards enabling local bodybuilders to qualify within the country and not need to travel outside to compete at qualifiers to major competitions, as was the case before.

Borman is to date the most successful Namibian body builder to scoop up several top international accolades and is sister to former international rugby player Jood Opperman, who is also a bodybuilder.

It is against this background that Swakopmund will be hosting the first International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), Arnold Classic qualifiers for both male and female scheduled for June 25.

Namibia used to be a member of IFBB between 1990 and 2000 before the sport of bodybuilding turned cold in the country due to lack of funding and interest from the general public.

IFBB is the most recognised body building federation that was founded in 1946.

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The popular Arnold Classic has been hosted annually in South Africa, with Borman a regular competitor at the prestigious event.

The Arnold Classic is named after renowned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also a former top bodybuilder.

Borman will be working closely with seasonal bodybuilder Wayne Price in making sure that the event in Swakopmund becomes a reality and a success.

“Swakopmund is the most suited for this event.

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Getting sponsors and people on board is a daunting task, but there is huge potential in Namibian body building.

“Perhaps a team can be selected, following correct channels to compete internationally. The event posters have been communicated already on social media platforms. Registration and payment for the event for athletes can be done via www.

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gentlegiantpromotions.com,” she said.

“Travel can be costly. It also enables Namibian athletes to qualify within Namibian borders making this easier access to international stage.

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The event in Swakopmund consists of ladies beach bikini, ladies fitness bikini, ladies wellness, ladies body fitness and ladies physique, men physique, classic physique and classic body building.”

Competing in South Africa alone, will cost a person N$6 000 to N$8 000 excluding accommodation, while competing in Europe one has to fork out N$26 000 and this also excludes bikini costs and spray tans (helps bodybuilders to look even leaner).