Hospital Security Orderly accused of victimisation


WINDHOEK Central Hospital Chief of Security Orderlies at Forensic Unit, Kondjeni Frans, has been accused of victimising his subordinates and threatening to get them fired, after they compiled a report about an alleged misconduct at the office outside of working hours.

An incident report availed to Confidente by anonymous sources, details how Frans went against the unit policy of conduct by taking a woman, a nurse at the same hospital (name withheld), to his office at night.

The two are suspected to have been engaging in sexual activities.

For fear of further victimisation, told Confidente their workplace has degenerated into a toxic environment ever since Frans assumed duty there in May this year.

The men work in the Forensic Unit at the Psychiatric department work with mental health patients admitted at the institution.

“He only works eight to Five, Monday to Friday, but that day was a Saturday night and he came in the office at around 19h30.

As per the security policy, we are required to see and record everything that goes in and out of the that place, so when we detected movement in the area we went to investigate… just to find the chief of security in his office in the company of the lady busy dressing up after we knocked at the door and requested him to open the door as it was locked. There was a mattress and a hospital blankets on the floor, for evidence purposes, we took pictures,” the sources revealed.

The men said they asked the chief why he was at the office at late hours, and he replied that he has no place to stay, that is why he is staying in the office and the hospital management is aware of it.

The sources said as per the unit policy, they wrote an incident report explaining everything that transpired and submitted it to the hospital superintendent Doctor David Uirab.

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“When he (Frans) found out that there is a report submitted to management, he started victimising us and threatening to get us fired. The work environment is now toxic to a point where he does not talk to some of us. He keeps spreading rumours about us, telling everyone that we are bad people who cannot be trusted, and we should not be working there anymore,” explained the source.

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The source added that they wrote a letter to Uirab on 23 August seeking an audience to air their grievances and request to be transferred from the Ministry of Health and Social Services to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safety and Security under Correctional Services where their work can be recognised.