How boxing has changed Shinima’s life

• By Michael Uugwanga

CURRENT World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa Welterweight champion, Charles Shinima says the sport has changed his life as he prepares for his next fight.

Shinima made his debut at the Dome in Swakopmund in 2017 against Salif Nsangou of Cameroon, before he went on to win 12 consecutive bouts, which include the WBO Africa Welterweight title win against Mohamed Mutalemwa of Tanzania at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort in October last year.

Shinima, a product of Warriors Boxing Club in Windhoek is currently on the books of the country’s top renowned boxing club the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Fitness and Boxing Club also in Windhoek.

This week, Confidente Sport caught up with Shinima to talk about his achievements and ambitions after capturing the African title.

“2021 was a lucky year for me even though we were in a difficult year due to Covid-19 that saw boxing at a standstill. However I managed to achieve a lot through sport.

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“At work I also got promoted from being a private to a corporal position in the Namibian Defence Force because of sport … my workplace noticed my hard work in sport that is why they decided to promote me.

“This year people must expect bigger things than last year because I am on my way up and I have said this lots of times and I am not going to stop and nothing is going to stop me as I am going to climb the mountains so that I reach on top as I am waiting for bigger things to come my way. I hope my promoter (Nestor Tobias) is holding something big for me, so therefore I am going to work harder.”

The pugilist also bought himself new wheels from his proceeds.

“In boxing it is everybody’s dream to make it out there.

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We are to work hard, so that we improve our lives, so I cannot be working this hard and still living the same life. So I decided to work hard so that the little money I made in boxing I invest it, that is why I bought my ride for going to the gym, and work, meaning I no longer take taxis and I am driving myself which is a good thing.”

At 29, Shinima is in perfect prime and it is only a matter of time before he fights for a world title. He has been in the gym since last Wednesday and is being trained by Siegfried ‘SBK’ Kaperu.

“My biggest dream is to win a world title. I am dreaming of winning a world title because I do not fear anything or anybody. As I have said earlier I am on my way up, so the road to a world title starts this year. I am going to defend my Africa title until I become a top contender for a world title and will fight against anybody.

“That is an encouragement on its own for people to talk about me as the future of boxing. It even pushes me harder. I am very proud to be coached by Kaperu who I regard as the best coach, not only in Namibia but also worldwide, so it’s an achievement as I am working with my arms up and I feel like I am with the big boys”.