Hubbly traders concerned over ban talk

• By Terence Mukasa

SELLERS of the notoriously popular hubbly bubbly also known as hookah or shisha, are worried about discussions by authorities to ban the usage of the product in Namibia, as this would negatively affect their business.

Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi tabled questions for health minister Kalumbi Shangula in February on the process towards researching hubbly bubbly’s health risk especially amongst the youth.

Shangula said that hubbly bubbly, being a water pipe, is regulated in the Tobacco Control Products Act, 2010 (Act. No 1 of 2010) however, it is common knowledge that some people also add potentially harmful and addictive substances to the flavoured tobacco coal. Desert Mist Vaping co-owner, Ruan Myburgh said that the use of water pipes is regulated through the Tobacco Control Products Act, urging that smoking hubbly bubbly should be regulated with more diligence

“Abolishing the smoking of hubbly bubbly will not address the problem of youth smoking hubbly whilst under the age of 18, therefore the rules are already set in place meaning the enforcement should be the issue to address,” he said.



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