Hustle Double: A musical call to action for youth empowerment

By Martha Nangombe

Blacky Bantwan, real name Frans Haingura, recently released his second album, ‘Hustle Double’, a motivational masterpiece focused on motivating young people.

The 18-track album focuses on combating high unemployment rates by encouraging the formation of side hustles to minimise unemployment and criminality.  On the album, Haingura, an unemployed graduate, highlights the value of financial independence and reducing reliance on others.

“This is my second album, Hustle Double, which is primarily about what it means to be a human in this country with a high unemployment rate and sad youth. I am an unemployed graduate. Thus, things get harder by the day, but with each passing day, I have hope for a better day, which is why I wrote this album. The CD discusses starting a business, paying debts, and not relying on others. 

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