I am going to vote for the only capable leader, Nandi-Ndaitwah

Former Popular Democratic Movement’s leader and former member of parliament Vipua Muharukua has said that Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is corruption-free and deserves everyone’s vote.

Muharukua said that when he resigned from PDM, he had been away from the political sphere for three months and was analyzing his next move to save the country.

“Professionals that I have spoken to have said that they are not going to vote, and this is so discouraging. I conclude that our 2024 votes are either keeping our legacy since 1990, or we are destroying our country if we vote for the wrong person or give the country in the wrong hands, ” Muharukua said.

Muharukua further said that some individuals and party leaders are good at talking and delivering nothing.

“Namibia needs a tested president who will continue driving our country in the right direction. We need a leader who has demonstrated exemplary leadership.

“We need a president with good wisdom, now the question is whom do we trust? I am thus going to vote for the only capable leader who will transform us, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah,” Muharukua said.

Swapo’s deputy president, Uahekua Herunga, has said that he is impressed by the step taken by Muharukua.

He said he was impressed that Muharukua had not joined other political parties but had joined the Swapo party.

“It is indeed a historic day for us especially to us the leadership of Swapo party.

“This is not the time to welcome him (Muharukua), but the official welcoming event will be held later in Kunene region. I am instructing the coordinator of Swapo party in the Kunene region to start preparing for the welcoming ceremony of our new member, who will join the party with some other members in the Kunene region,” Herunga said.

Herunga indicated that Muharukua has a substantial number of followers in the Kunene region, and more of his followers will join the Swapo party with him.

“Followers told me that they will not allow Muharukua to join the Swapo party alone. They have indicated that they will be joining the party with him and what we are going to do as the Swapo party is to send either the Vice president or our Secretary General to go and welcome our new members in Kunene region,” Herunga said.

Former Ambassador and Netumbo’s campaign manager Kaire Mbwende have expressed joy seeing Muharukua join the party.

Mbwende said that Muharukua’s returns signify that the Swapo party will retain the Kunene region.

“We all know that Muharukua have a major influence in the Kunene region. His followers will also join Swapo party and that will make us the strong party in Kunene.

“Muharukua’s return is a good opportunity to Swapo to get control of the Kunene region again and for sure Swapo will perform well in this year’s election,” he said.