I am retired, please leave me alone – Shilimela

Former owner and chairperson of the Shilimela group of companies, Banda Shilimela, said he had sold and left the company and that those with the company or its subsidiaries should not contact him.
He said this after Confidente contacted him recently seeking comment about allegations of unpaid security guards of the Shilimela Security Services, a company he once owned.
“I would like to repeat that I am no longer part of the company. I have left the group and am not part of its management or the board of directors. I am retired now, so please leave me alone. I have left all the seventy companies,” he told Confidente, adding he was no longer interested in the group.

Several security guards working for the Shilimela security services company told Confidente that they have not received their wages for April and May this year and that the company is not forthcoming when they will receive their wages. The security guards are stationed in the Oshikoto and Oshana regions.
Although he indicated that he no longer could speak on behalf of the company, the former business owner refuted these claims. ”I am not in position to speak on behalf of the company but I believe those claims are false. First, when I left the company about two years ago, we only have guards in Oshana at the Jose Edwardo Dos Santos and Hifikepunye Pohamba University of Namibia (Unam) campuses. There are no guards in Oshikoto,” he indicated.

Shilimela said those making the allegations are his detractors, who are jealous of him because he is enjoying his money in his retirement.
“There is something you should know here. People are not happy seeing me enjoying my money. They don’t like the lifestyle I am living. This is the money I have worked for during the last twenty-four years since I left the army. They are jealous of me, and that’s why they are creating these stories, although I am no longer part of the company.

“I have publicly declared that I was resigning and retiring from the company, and even your newspaper wrote about it, so people should stop linking me to the dealings or labour matters of those companies,” he stressed. Shilimela did not reveal the names of the new owners or directors of the companies he had left.