“I don’t know how machines fell from trailer

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

JUSTICE Minister Sackey Shanghala said he does not know how the missing Electronic Voting Machines booked out from the Electoral Commission of Namibia fell off a trailer.

Speaking to Confidente after a Swapo rally at Oshikuku this afternoon, Shanghala said he would have explained how the EVMs fell if he was on the trailer.

He added that those saying he had hidden the machines are “predicting their loss” while questioning why they are taking part in elections.

Asked if there is any chance of recovering the machines, Shanghala said, “If it’s found, it’s found…maybe somebody has it or it has been ran over by a truck. I don’t know. The truth is that it’s lost.”

He continued, “I said it in my statement in the National Assembly that I regret the incident, yet you want to make it the trailer boy.

“As a young person, I am saying my fellow young people are trivialising the national discussion,” he said. Shanghala is said to have booked out two Electronic Voting Machines at the Electoral Commission of Namibia for use at the Swapo party elders’ council Congress last year but never returned them.

Two weeks ago, Shanghala issued a press statement around 19h00 saying the machines fell from a trailer.