I have forgiven him – Wendelinus

• By Rosalia David

FORMER Mr Gay Namibia Wendelinus Hamutenya (41) said he has forgiven his partner and is ready to do whatever is necessary for the benefit of the marriage and their four children.

“To be honest, I have forgiven him for what he has done to me and I am ready to do what is necessary for both of us as a couple, together with our families and four children,” he said in an interview with Confidente.

Hamutenya went on to say that despite being physically assaulted on three different occasions by Immanuel Jeremiah, the thought of filing for a divorce has not crossed his mind yet but rather has plans of getting him the necessary psychological help.

“I am still married to my husband but have realised that he needs a lot of help especially on his anger. He has promised that it will never happen again but without showing any remorse. However, I would not throw him away just like that,” he added.

On the status of his recovery, Hamutenya said he is recovering well and that he is currently out of the hospital.

Jeremiah was arrested last week and appeared in court recently.

According to the police report he was arrested and detained at Wanaheda Police Station the same day of the incident.

Although he believes that his husband will eventually change after he receives help, Hamutenya further stressed on the trauma LGBTQ people go through on a daily basis saying that some are still reluctant to report GBV cases as their complaints are usually swept under the carpet.

“I am lucky that I got assisted but in most cases many get laughed at when you report a case and that is why some will suffer in silence,” he said.

Recalling how the incident happened, Hamutenya said the fight between him and Jeremiah broke out when he received a text from a ‘certain’ number.

“It was someone who just asked when they can see me and he got extremely angry and that is how he started attacking me. However, people should understand that this is a marriage just like any other and we get through stuff,” he further emphasised.