I never blocked anybody – Nekongo

• By Rosalia David

NEWLY-APPOINTED Member of Parliament (MP) Ephraim Nekongo says he has not blocked anyone from being endorsed by the ruling party’s central committee as a candidate for the Swapo Youth League (SPYL) secretary position.

This comes after a recent call to invalidate the endorsement of Nekongo and his deputy Christine Haindaka-Sikongo as sole candidates for their positions. SPYL held a central committee meeting two weeks ago where the two were endorsed.

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“The nomination was initiated at the national executive committee and whoever is willing to challenge that can give us a different way. I didn’t block anyone like they say.
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Nothing was done wrong and whoever wants to challenge the decision made, they need to tell us exactly what was violated,” he said.

A member of the SPYL central committee, Timotheus Angala allegedly wrote to Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa claiming that some persons in the youth league are concerned with the endorsement and its processes, saying it is unconstitutional and denying them the right to choose their leaders.

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Responding further, Nekongo said for Angala to complain about his endorsement is controverting as he was also a nominee.

“How does your name come into a nomination that is unfactual? It doesn’t make sense for me … he was also nominated but unfortunately out of those 52 people that were there he was not seconded and the acclaimed won,” he added.

Refusing to indulge further into the matter of the endorsement, Nekongo said, now that he has been appointed as a member of parliament he will push for significant discussions and debates on old laws that are prohibiting the transformation of the economy.

“People are good at making promises and I am not here to promise but I will do everything in my power to make sure that we discuss, engage and debate on laws or amend laws to make the Namibian people’s situation better.

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Nekongo said there are still old laws that urgently need to be amended as they have been inhibiting the progress and prosperity among the citizens.

“Parliament is not a one-man show. One cannot really say that ‘it is because of me’ but to engage aggressively on those issues that will change the law for people to continue receiving prosperity that they deserve,” he said.

Asked on whether his appointment proves that young people are now getting opportunities, Nekongo said there is still a need to engage leadership of the party on the importance of passing on opportunities to the younger generation.

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He said young people hardly get opportunities in the political arena.

“We need to ensure that we engage at any given time and put pressure onto the President to appoint the youth and for the Swapo party to recognise that the majority are the youth of this country.

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We must be included in decision-making and that will always be our position and will remain our position,” he further narrated.

He said being appointed as an MP will not be about the title but about being a servant for the Namibian people.

He said, “This is a huge responsibility when you are sitting there in parliament, you are sitting there thinking of someone who is in Ondobe or Engela and how to represent them. My aim is to be a voice of the voiceless and not sit there and be honourable.

“It is not about the title but to make sure that people’s living standards are improved. We need to start thinking about people who have not eaten yesterday and all these social challenges that should be the focus.

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