I rather be a warrior before becoming a queen – Sharpley

• By Wilhelmina Iimene

OFTEN described as a disciplined, focused and well-mannered young lady who is intentional in what she does and an incontrovertible all-rounder with undisputed greatness, Namibia’s Miss Universe contestant, Cassia Sharpley say her participation in the Miss Universe pageant was not about winning the fight but rather about vigorously embracing the war.

“I would rather be known as a warrior before becoming a queen because the battlefield of the mind is one that you have to be in full control of. It is never about winning the fight, instead it has always been about vigorously embracing the competition,” she said.

Sharpley received a lot of backlash after her national costume was posted on social media platforms where a lot of people said it did not represent the country.

Her national costume symbolised the African Fish Eagle flying over the Namibian dunes and canyons and Sharpley said she felt beautiful as she walked cat-walked the Miss Universe stage.

“I felt beautiful and confident.

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To be on stage and representing Namibia through my love for pageantry and the mandate it carries, has been a great blessing for me. Namibia to the universe,” Sharpley said.

Although her journey in the competition was short-lived as she did not make it to the Top 16, Sharpley was happy with her overall progress.

Miss Namibia organizer, Umbi Karuaihe-Upi said she was proud of Sharpley’s performance.

“I am feeling extremely proud of her exploits. She did incredibly well and she certainly put Namibia on the pageantry map. She succeeded in reviving the sparkle in Miss Namibia competition and she united all Namibia behind her,” she said.

The national costume was made to represent an important aspect of one’s country.

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This year, Sharpley chose the fish eagle which symbolised strength, love, hope and determination.

Although there were negative comments, Karuaihe-Upi assured that the beauty queen was not at all discouraged by them.