I will never be a fan of the Springboks

THERE is nothing new about the Springboks winning the World Cup – the way Namibians have been going on,endlessly congratulating them on their third World Cup triumph. Yes, indeed let me remind those who just started following rugby that the Springboks also won the Rugby World Cup on home soil in 1995 and in 2007 when it was hosted in France.

So, you who have been active on social media last week congratulating South Africa on winning the World Cup, just bear in mind that the cup won by South Africa is not for Africa but for South Africans only.If it was for Africa then let South Africans come out and tell us that this World Cup is for Africa and not only for South Africans, because for all I know the Springboks did it for their own nation.

Take nothing away from the achievement of the Springboks in winning the World Cup as they beat an England team in the final that defeated the then two-time defending champions, New Zealand.

Some Namibians even uploaded their profile pictures with Springbok jerseys or logos as if South Africa’s rugby team gave a damn about them or even knows they have a fan base in Namibia.

I remember South African fans on social media when their team was playing against us in the group match, saying they would destroy those amateur players as they are not at their level.

I was one of those people that did not celebrate the Springbok victory in Japan due to the treatment of our own rugby players in South Africa that are not given fair opportunities to show their talent.

There is a Castle Lager Rugby Championship sponsored by South African Breweries and contested by southern hemisphere countries, such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina, while our own Welwitschias team is not included in this competition, despite Namibia qualifying for six rugby World Cup tournaments, like these very same countries.

Another reason why I feel that the Springboks do not deserve much congratulation from Namibia is the fact that the South Africa Rugby Union (SARU) has not done enough in accommodating Namibian local rugby teams in the Currie Cup first division and SuperSport Rugby Challenge.

All SARU did was to include the Welwitschias team in the two club competitions, instead of including at least the top four local clubs such as University of Namibia, Wanderers, Trustco United and Western Suburbs.

The idea of including the Welwitschias in the two premier club competitions is a disgrace for our national team because the Welwitschias comprise 80 to 90 percent of our players that play in the World Cup qualifiers or at the tournament, while players representing South African clubs in the very same competition are nowhere near close to be selected for the Springbok team or South Africa’s Sevens Rugby side.

In my view, let us rather celebrate what we have achieved and not that which we have not.