ICT training for 200 learners

… unemployed youth supported through the German Embassy’s micro-project fund

By Confidente Reporter

GERMAN Ambassador to Namibia, Herbert Beck has signed a funding agreement with representatives of Maltas Club Namibia, amounting to 9 700 Euros (N$164 804) which was made available through the micro-project fund of the embassy to support learners and unemployed youth.

The project aims at improving academic performance, education standards and the development of young disadvantaged people. 

With the funds received, Maltas Club Namibia will purchase laptops, projectors and other Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment in order to bring the necessary computer skills to young people across the country.

The training is intended to prepare the youth for employment or to enhance their academic development in order to pursue possible further studies.
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The organisation has designed a short syllabus for basic ICT knowledge to empower the youth on a personal, as well as on a professional level.

This programme is designed as a mobile training unit travelling to remote parts of Namibia, with the first location being Tsumkwe in the Otjozondjupa region.

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Project partner:

Maltas Club Namibia is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016. Its aim is to provide entrepreneurial leadership skills to all students at Namibian institutions of higher learning and to promote, improve and develop the interest in management and business topics.
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In doing this it enhances young people’s talents in this area and prepares them for professional life.

The members of Maltas Club Namibia make strongly use of their acquired skills by serving their communities.

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They support learners from all grades by offering life skills trainings and coaching, especially in remote and very distant areas of the country, where young people may indeed feel more isolated and disassociated compared to more urban areas.