I’m not a ‘black face’: Suspended Erongo Marine Enterprises MD

• By Allexer Namundjembo

The suspended Erongo Marine Enterprises (EME) managing director, Dr Martha Uumati, refused to be treated like a black face by the Oceana Group.

The Oceana Group, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, suspended Dr Uumati on February 13, 2024. The Oceana Group owns Blue Continent Products, which in turn owns the EME.

The EME comprises fish rightsholders, including Arechanab Fishing and Development Company, Ceroric Fishing, Erongo Seafoods, and Erongo Products.

The Group accused Uumati of disregarding instructions to attend a meeting in Cape Town.

However, the letters in Confidente’s possession show that Uumati has been calling for good governance within the Group.  Although Uumati said she could not comment on the matter now, Confidente has a letter dated November 7, 2022, in which she criticised what she called ‘victimisation and bullying culture’.

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