Imalwa is a ‘Chihuahua’-Amushelelo

… Amushelelo, Nauyoma alleges arrest was politically motivated


By Tracy Tafirenyika

A war of words has erupted between two activists, Michael Amushelelo, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Prosecutor General (PG), Martha Imalwa after she told the two not to celebrate the withdrawal of their court case.

Imalwa stated, the case has to go back to the police for further investigations therefore Nauyoma and Amushelelo should not hold celebrate, to which the two activists have responded to the PG stating their case was politically motivated and will not be concerned about Imalwa or listen to her as she is a ‘chihuahua’ that is being used.

The two were arrested this year after they protested at Windhoek’s China town and had their criminal case with six others withdrawn after the PG failed to make a decision within the stipulated time frame.

“The case is politically motivated, we just went to China Town to shut down the shops, and we did not burn anything. When we take over government nothing like what happened to us will ever happen, Martha is fulfilling her orders and we are not going to be concerned about a ‘chihuahua’. She can continue making noise because she is a ‘chihuahua.’

“Imalwa must be reminded that she has failed the nation and one day when we takeover this country we will make sure that she is arrested for the crimes that she has done. She is betraying the trust the people of Namibia have bestowed her. As long as we have a government where the head of state is allowed to select the top positions we will never have equal freedom,” said Amushelelo.