Imms: Master of the guitar

By Rosalia David

IMMANUEL Nicolau also known as Imms in music circles is playing a major part in establishing the guitar as a recognised classical instrument in Namibia and beyond while working actively to develop and define its sound.

Nicolau who has been the in-house guitarist for the ongoing the 2020 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) has become a household name that is easily recognisable.

“Every show that is organised here and needs a live band I am always there; such as the Jazz Festival,” he said in an exclusive interview with Confidente.

Diving into how he became a guitarist, Nicolau said he started his musical journey in church at the age of nine driven by the passion for art at a young age.

Growing up, he said he was wowed by the sound of the guitar and was curious in knowing how it operates which drew him closer to the instrument.

“Professionally, I have been playing the guitar for 14 years now and it has been an amazing journey so far.

I have mastered the art of being patient, one of the things that makes my life a little bit easier.”

Apart from having 14 years of experience, Nicolau is currently studying music online at OnBeat Music School to back up his skills.

He emphasised the importance of obtaining qualifications saying, knowing all the elements in music is an advantage to his art.

“I believe that one needs to know the theory side of music as well and having a qualification to fall back on tops if off.”

Asked on what some of his challenges during his musical journey have been, he said, a lot of people failed to equip themselves with music skills which makes it difficult for them to understand what he is doing when playing.

Nicolau said, it takes time for musicians to trust instrumentals with their songs or performances.

“After we study the songs they end up loving it more than the original song,” he chuckled.

Nicolau further revealed that after many years of playing the guitar, he has plans to release a beginner’s book for those who aspire to become instrumentalists.

He said the book is co-authored by Nicole Willemse.

“I want people to play the guitar with an understanding and not just play for the sake of it.

The book aims to educate those who are interested in being guitarists. The book might be out in December or beginning of January,” he stated.