In the republic of corruption

I fail to understand one thing, is the law of this country designed for the poor and not well-connected individuals? It seems like the poor and those that are not politically and economically connected are the ones who should comply with the laws of this country, while those that are politically and economically connected are exempted from the law.

It’s sickening that the whole system is captured by a few individuals who may regard themselves as untouchable and of course they disregard the law at will. If the Operation Kalahari Desert and Anti-Corruption are meant to clamp down on criminals, then why not start with those hard-core criminals occupying public offices pretending to be honourable public servants?

There’s nothing honourable about many of these criminals, but one thing for sure is that, yes, they are comrade in crime. Real corruption is masterminded in offices and manifests in the street; government offices are the core playing field of corruption of any kind.

One cannot deny the overwhelming evidence of corrupt practices, the whole world knows, but yet you foolishly tell people that a person is not guilty until the court declares it so, what if the court declares otherwise, regardless of the evidence?

Never before did corruption become rife as it is now under the Swapo-led government. This country is a banana republic because the law that is meant to be used to govern this country is totally disregarded by those who are supposed to enforce it and lead by example.

The law states that no convict must hold a public office, that’s applicable to any offender, regardless of his or her political affiliation and economic status.

I specifically have to state that many senior Swapo members have disregarded the national and the party constitutions and I have to say the fault lies with the president of the party, who happens to be the Head of State, as well. He failed to reinforce and ensure compliance to the law by all members.

Few examples include Katrina Hanse-Himarwa and Tobi Aupindi, they were convicted but yet once again the law is disregarded; they are included on the party list for the National Assembly.

The other instance is the recent case of Hilma Nicanor, who has been appointed special advisor, against the order of the Electoral Commission of Namibia.

Once again, the Head of State is at fault, disregarding the law. Not so long ago there was a young man, Michael Amushelelo, he was arrested immediately and all possessions confiscated and he was treated as if the court already proved him guilty but the hard-core criminals involved in the Fishrot scandal are treated differently.

These Fishrot criminals are walking freely, their passports are not confiscated and all their possessions were also not taken, but Amushelelo faced the wrath of the corrupt system. My understanding is that, before the law all citizens are equal. No one is to receive preferential treatment, regardless of social, economic or political status.

A crime is a crime, therefore if one is to be treated as such, then all that acted similarly must be treated alike.

It’s a shame for the President to label the resignation of Sacky Shanghala and Bernald Esau as a “patriotic” act. What’s loyal or patriotic about that? There’s a culture of corruption in Swapo, a culture that’s described as “honourable” and “patriotic”. Sacky and his comrades in the Fishrot pulled out the same stunt that Katrina did, resign.

I fear for the future economy of this country, as well as the generation that will face the hardship of monetary debt due to corruption. I’m not afraid to speak, nor will I be silenced by threats.

For how long will you live in fear, yet you suffer in silence? Rather speak and face the consequences, death is a process of nature and we all have to face it either way.

You are accountable for your action or inaction, so fear not and take the necessary action as an agent of change, starting where you are. It’s for you to create a conducive and enabling corrupt-free environment, regardless of bribery temptation, it takes self-respect or dignity which is embedded in self-discipline.

I’m not favouring any political party or presidential candidate, so don’t think that I’m here to discredit Swapo or something in that line. I know it is election time and for those that are going to vote, my word of advice is: critically analyse the past and present events and make a sensible decision as you cast your vote. Young people, stop being followers or idolisers. Step up and take the lead.

It’s you that will have to endure the future consequences.

Andreas Hainghumbi