Inspiring entrepreneurs through radio show

By Confidente Reporter

SEASONED and versatile businesswoman, Twapewa Kadhikwa will be launching her radio show on November 9 titled ‘Twapewa Kadhikwa, the Queen of Entrepreneurship.’

The show will premiere on Eagle FM between 20h30 and 21h30 and will serve as a mentorship platform for both existing and prospective businesspeople.

In a press statement, Kadhikwa explained the motive behind the reality series saying that it seeks to equip entrepreneurs and businesspeople with a new mindset towards business growth while mapping a new narrative around Africa’s approach to entrepreneurship.

According to Kadhikwa the radio show will be followed by a television series which will premiere in 2021.

“Entrepreneurs are a key component of Namibia and Africa’s developmental agenda and it is with great pride that I take this journey to provide a platform which they can, like any other industry, be heard.

We have been working extremely hard to ensure that this is not just yet another business show, but one that actively contributes to our growth as a nation and continent at large,” Kadhikwa said.

She also said that the show will serve as a bridge towards creating a culture of mentorship in both formal and informal sectors of Namibia.

On the show, Kadhikwa will be engaging, discussing, probing and unpacking key topical topics with various speakers, ranging from entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, leaders and trendsetters.

The opening show which will be titled, ‘Why you should start a business now’.

“In this first episode I will summon my experience as an entrepreneur for many years to impart invaluable knowledge that may change the lives of many. Therefore, this will be a special episode not to be missed,” Kadhikwa further stated.

The show will also be available via live stream on Facebook.

“I remain grateful to Eagle FM who saw the potential of this show and availed their platform to commence the show. Indeed, the show will be a reality TV show as well next year but this platform gives us the right audience and creates scope for growth and development for the next one year and beyond,” she said.

The show will allow live callers to engage with Kadhikwa on key aspects of an episode.

Kadhikwa is a seasoned local entrepreneur who is also a mother and a wife. Having never sought formal employment she has elevated herself into a speaker of note in Namibia and Africa at large.

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She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Admin) degree from UNAM and an honorary degree from the International University of Management (IUM).

She is proprietor of Xwama Cultural Village, managing partner at Kadhikwa Chicken Farming, director of International Uranium Exploration Company – Bannerman Resources, founder of Olafika SME Development and Mentorship Programme and CEO of Twapewa Kadhikwa Institute of Entrepreneurship and SME development.