It’s Chula Chula, N$100 at the gate is nothing

By Michael Uugwanga

WHEN you play Chula Chula, the gate charges can be anything – even N$100 at the gate and N$500 for VIP.
That is history in the making, and African Stars knew that playing Chula Chula was something to be taken advantage of.
In any case, what do you expect when a club makes a whirlwind entry, attracting massive crowds in a country where football was on the verge of dying and sidestepped opponents?
Yes, the northern phenomenon called Chula Chula meets the reigning Debmarine Premiership champions, African Stars, at the Hage Geingob Stadium this Saturday.

Namibia Football Association (NFA) acting secretary general, Jochen Traut, says this is a free market and gate takings are the only ways for football clubs to make money.
Stars have pegged advance tickets at N$50, N$100 at the gate and N$ 500 for VIP tickets.
In a country where the minimum wage is N $ 9.03 per hour, N $ 72.25 per day, and N $ 1.564.39 per month, the average match ticket price of $102 appears out of reach for many football lovers.
Chula Chula were promoted to the Debmarine Premiership this season after winning the North West First Division.