It’s either now or later-Patrick

…people are very selfish, they want us to remain together, they don’t want us to change but change is good.

By Martha Nangombe

PATRICK Mwashindange popularly known in music circles as the P in PDK came short of confirming the split of the much loved trio after 16 years together when he told Confident Lifestyle that it was better for the group to separate on their own terms rather than when people tell them to.

“Even the greatest dancers know when to leave the dance floor.

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With music there is always an evolution,  we have to evolve, we will not die as PDK, we will not forever be as PDK, its either now or later. Its better, we separate on our own terms or we separate when people decided we need to.

“I am glad it’s a decision we took to do our solo projects and not necessarily break up. We are evolving and building our lives in our personal capacity as solo artists and we want to do it without PDK over-shadowing our work. At some point we have to stop talking about PDK and just push our products as solo artists.

“There is no other thinking, this was tabled and we sat down and decided on things that will change our lives. People are very selfish, they want us to stay together, they don’t want our lives to change, we need to grow and change, change is good and it matters.

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If PDK is your favourite group, you loved us and if you have your favourite person, support that person, if you loved us all, support us all as solo artists. Let’s move beyond sticking to one things, change is good,” he said.

Patrick said fans should expect more from him as a solo artists as he unveils his brand through his much talked album,  titled ‘Sikiliza.’

“There are things I would not do in PDK, I now have total freedom to do them and to express my ideas as a solo artist. Expect more music, more videos and other ventures form me. PDK will remain my house, it’s like my surname. We all grew up in homestead with brothers and sister but now we have our own houses, but whatever we do or wherever we go, we always remember where homes is and what is home and December we go back home to enjoy. PDK will forever be there just like the way it started. It might not be as active as we, Patrick, Dion and Kamtonyo, are because we are working on solo projects. We are like the Avengers, Captain America has his own movie, Thor has his own, Hulk has his own but if there is something bigger to be handled, the Avengers assemble, so PDK will assemble when there is something bigger to be done,” he said.

Patrick said going solo was a decision made by PDK, we cannot sit waiting for each other to get into the studio.