IUM centre for environmental studies receives NQA accreditation

• By Staff Reporter

THE International University of Management (IUM) Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) programmes recently received full Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) accreditation.

CES is IUM’s training and research centre that addresses the dynamics of environmental management, climate change adaptation and sustainable development.

Given Namibia’s fragile ecosystem and being one of the most arid countries, south of the Sahara, IUM CES qualifications offer hope for the future of the nation’s economy and society.

By its design, the centre responds to training and research needs of the country in the drive towards achieving a knowledge-based society by 2030 and beyond.

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Furthermore, CES complements the research agenda of IUM, within the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

These programmes help to address most of the challenges and shortcomings faced by semi-arid countries, including Namibia.

In addition, it is known that many Namibians are studying related courses abroad, not because they are not willing to study locally, but due to the unavailability of these kinds of courses in the country.

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Hence, the CES fulfills this training need as well as the existing knowledge gap through research.

Accreditation of these programmes by NQA is a quality indicator which protects the interest of students and academic institutions by ensuring that the qualifications offered have been examined and are of an adequate standard.

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The accredited programmes are, Bachelor of Environment Management and Sustainable Development Honours (Namibia Qualifications Framework (NQF Level-8), Bachelor of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Honours (NQF Level-8), Bachelor of Conservation Agriculture Honours (NQF Level-8), Masters of Science in Integrated Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (NQF Level-9), Masters of Science in Conversation Agricultural Management (NQF Level-9), Masters of Science in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (NQF Level-9), Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Science (NQF Level-10), Doctor of Philosophy in Integrated Natural Resources Management (NQF Level-10) and Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development (NQF Level-10)

Speaking after receiving the accreditation letter from NQA, Gerry Munyama, director of marketing, communication and stakeholders engagement at IUM, said, “IUM is proud to be the first to introduce to the Namibian academia these crucially important qualifications for the benefit of our economy and society in facing the challenge of climate change and the need for adaptation”.