IUM introduces 30 paid internships for students

By Confidente reporter

THE International University of Management (IUM) is offering paid internships to some of its students, for which they are given an allowance of N$3000 per month to meet their basic expenses.

This is according to the university’s founder, Dr David Namwandi.

Speaking at an IUM graduation ceremony last Friday, Namwandi said for this academic year IUM enrolled 30 interns, for which the university has committed N$90,000 per month.

“I believe this is the only university in our country which has embarked on this road, I hope others will follow suit as time goes. At this juncture I’m happy to announce here that one of the IUM alumni, Dr. Erastus Shikongo Shapumba, fondly known as Dr.

Chicco, has always and voluntarily contributed generously to IUM programmes and events. Recently Dr. Chicco made a valuable contribution of N.

000 towards the “student internship allocations”. We sincerely thank Dr. Chicco for always being there for his University,” he said.

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In his speech, he also took an opportunity to thank everyone who has worked with IUM in the impartation of knowledge to its students. Equally, he thanked the government for creating a conducive environment for the private sector in which the university operates as a not-for-profit institution.

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“The university’s effort to strengthen research and consultancy profile has grown through its Swakopmund Research and Consultancy Centre, as well as research undertaken at Masters and PhD level and with our local and international strategic partners. For me, it is both an honour and privilege to chair the IUM University Council and to lead an institution with so much talent, vibrancy, capacity and committed staff. Thank you. Together we can only rise higher.

“We do not take your trust for granted and we humbly thank you for that. We, thus, welcome you warmly to IUM alumni family.

Remember you have now become permanent Ambassadors of this fine university. Therefore, as you graduate and leave the university gates to join the world of work and wealth generation, we call upon you to be good ambassadors of your Alma Mater,” Dr Namwandi said.