Jaliza back with a bang

By Rosalia David 

AFTER taking a break from the music industry to build a career for herself, Jaliza Jalile, hitmaker of ‘Di tsa ta ra’ has broken the silence announcing a new album while promising to release stunning visuals. 
In an exclusive interview with Confidente, the ma /gaisa queen said that she will be releasing her third album this year although she could not give more details on the release date of her long awaited offering. 
“I cannot dwell much around the album yet because it has not been completed yet. I do not want to be specific but I am ready to get back on track. I have been working on myself because I could not give much from an empty vessel,” she said. 
With an upcoming album in the pipeline, she is currently also working towards dropping a banger single track featuring award winning and ‘Hangover’ hitmaker, TopCheri. 
“I decided to explore other genres as well and TopCheri does Sukuskwasa which I also love. She has the energy that I like and a beautiful voice,” she added. 
On the 12-track upcoming album, she also features musicians such as Tswazis, Tbos, Staika and many others. 
With the aim of releasing a masterpiece, she worked with masterminds such as Kai/goas. 
Asked on some of the challenges she experiences as a musician based in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Jaliza said having to travel back and forth to Windhoek for studio sessions and interviews is expensive. 
“We have only few studios in Swakopmund which means I constantly need to be on the road to go do photoshoots and all the other things. One spends a lot of money.”  
Although traveling to Windhoek has been one of her challenges, she said she has plans to move back to Windhoek to focus more on her art. 
Even though she has now stepped out of her comfort zone tapping into other genres, Jaliza is known for putting ma /gaisa music on the map. 
She has performed in Angola and Zimbabwe on the path to realise her dream of taking ma /gaisa and local music in general to a level where it will be celebrated internationally. 
The calm and collected singer strongly also believes that her music can take the ma /gaisa sound beyond the Namibian borders. 
Over the years, she has worked with big names in the industry such as Dennis Eiseb, Coastal Beats Production and Patrick Thaniseb. 
“I am a versatile artist, I now do a lot of afro pop, sukuskwasa and Damara punch. I was born an artist because I come from a music background, my family is into music,” she said. 
Jaliza further assures her fans a full comeback to the music scene saying that they can expect a lot of bangers from her accompanied by stunning music videos. 
“I have been quiet for such a long time but I have been busy with a couple of projects that are now ready to be revealed. This time around, I am delivering nothing but good music. My new project is basically going to be a love letter to my fans because they continue to believe in me. I could not do it without them,” she concluded.