Jamaika Converz debuts on Channel O

By Rosalia David 

KWAITO star Michael Pengeyo, better known as Jamaika Converz’ first music video titled ‘Long live kwaito’ featuring Mabuzza recently made its debut on Channel O ensuring potential international collaborations with the local artist. 
In an interview with Confidente, Pengeyo expressed excitement at the international airplay saying that he had not expected the video to be approved and played on such a platform. 
“This is a big deal for me, I submitted the video and they actually played it a week thereafter and the response so far has been amazing,” he said. 
Pengeyo further said that his video playing on Channel O is a step in the right direction as he has received positive responses with fellow musicians from countries such as South Africa and Ireland showing interest in his work. 
Questioned on what inspired the title of the song, Pengeyo said, “People think kwaito is dead since many people are now following the new sound like Amapiano music, so, it is basically just a way of putting it out there that kwaito is still alive.” 
With the aim of reviving the kwaito genre in Namibia and across the continent, Pengeyo said, now that his song has gotten the necessary attention, he has plans to release more visuals and songs.  
“It’s funny how I actually thought they will take long to approve my video, but it’s a perception we have, however, if one follows the right procedures it’s possible to get your video played. I am now pressured to work on new projects because I just don’t want to disappear from the music scene now that the video was premiered,” he added. 
Although he is only getting his breakthrough this year, Pengeyo said he has been in the music business for almost a decade where he started off as kwaito artist EES’ back up dancer before becoming an independent artist. 
“Music has always been a hobby for me because my fulltime job does not really allow me to be a fulltime musician but I think I am going to try my utmost best to be consistent this time around. I need to practice consistency,” he vowed. 
The ‘Long Live Kwaito’ music video was shot and produced by Uptown Boys Production.