Jonte going international

By Rosalia David

WITH many budding fashion designers targeting the local market to make it big in the industry, bikini designer and Confidente Readers’ Challenge winner, Jonte Moller also known as ‘Baddest Bubble Butt’ has her eyes set on the international scene, first planning on leaving a mark on the South African market.

“I know they say, we need to start at home but I feel like I need to make it internationally first before targeting the Namibian market because people always want to see you make it before they can recognise you,” she said.

Moller who has drawn inspiration from her love of cutting up old clothes and putting them together has big plans for the future.
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Currently in her first year at Villioti Fashion Institute in Johannesburg where she is studying towards becoming a qualified fashion designer, Moller has already managed to seal a deal with three top South African musicians.

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“I can’t mention their names yet, I don’t believe in running my mouth that fast.

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As much as I am very excited to be working with them as soon as I get back (to South Africa) we are going to get right into it. The only person I can mention is the rising South African star Kamo Mpela,” she said.
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Asked on whether fashion designers in Namibia are getting the necessary support from the local market, she said, there is high potential for those in the industry to flourish and make extra money however, fashion lovers don’t really see the need to buy locally made clothes but rather buy expensive garments online.

“It is not only about the support but I feel like we (designers) become discouraged in Namibia and become inconsistent when it comes to making clothes.

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They also say that locally made clothes are expensive but they are costly because of the input to put that one piece together.”

According to Moller her existing JONTÉ clothing line has a lot of different pieces which are exclusive outfits including winter swimsuits, among other pieces.

Besides designing, the 20-year-old also runs Projekt  KK, ‘a mixed-race’ modelling agency in both Namibia and South Africa.

Confidente Readers’ Challenge was initiated to give an opportunity to entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry to win advertising space worth N$10 000 and an exclusive interview.

Each participant was required to take a short video holding the Confidente newspaper explaining why they read it.

Moller also a popular socialite with 16 400 followers on Instagram, won the challenge.