Jooste renews Fishcor board term again

• By Hilary Mare

Enterprises minister, Leon Jooste has again extended the Fishcor board’s term owing to the short Cabinet cycle for the remainder of the year which has disallowed the ministry to appoint a substantive board, Confidente has learnt.

The extension which took effect this week will run until March 6 2022.

“Your term as the temporary Non-Executive Board member and Chairperson of Fishcor expires on 6 December 2021. I hereby extend your term, once more, as the Chairperson and Board member of Fishcor for a period of three more months pending the finalisation of the recruitment of the new board in line with Section (9) of the Public Enterprises Governance Act (PEGA) No. 1 of 2019,” a letter penned by Jooste to the board members seen by Confidente reads.



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