Judge Tommasi reads riot act at BoN and Bank Windheok

  By Court Reporter

High Court Justice Marlene Tommasi did not mince her words when she gave judgement in the case of CBI Exchange Namibia versus Bank of Namibia, Bank Windhoek Limited and Others on Thursday in Windhoek.

She said “It is not for any party be high or low weak or mighty and quite regardless of his status or standing in society to decide whether or not to obey to choose which to obey and which to ignore or to negotiate the manner of his compliance,” when she read the riot act in her judgement regarding the Bank of Namibia and Bank Windhoek.

The institutions were found to have unlawfully frozen the accounts of CBI Exchange Namibia (Pty) Ltd owner Coenie Botha, where at least 4000 Namibians invested in crypto assets.

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