Just fix diplomacy

Dear Editor,

It is always a privilege to contribute on matters of nation building, as I am expressing my view on the chaotic end of the recent SONA 2021 that activated mixed reactions within the ends of political commentary and the nation at large.
It is visible within the political-sphere that the last elections particularly the local government elections which portray a resounding performance from the opposition parties is well applaud and is significant in fostering room for democracy.

Yes, democracy is good, because it awakens any governing body opposed, to be alert and effective on responding to a democratic system.

This element has been proven since the construction of the latest local government with strong opposition which pushes the Swapo-led government to pace-up performance, redirect on past directives, recall or prompt to recall officers – on misconducts as well as bringing address to matters unaddressed as visible.
The trending exposure of state officials who are accused of using their office and power for self-enrichment is a significant act of depriving the nation from socio-economic advancement, such a painful oversight for myself as an entrepreneur that promotes entrepreneurship development, is key.

Now therefore, the democratic system must work effectively – people elect the opposition to represent them on political platforms such as the August House, to bargain on laws, political, social and economic decisions passed by legislation and challenge the system on flaws in administration.

These electives are presenting themselves as diplomatic thinkers, diplomatic speakers and arbitrators who portray their political ability through campaign to show how they can amicably deal with nation building in a diplomatic manner.
Contrary to the above, the Namibian Parliament is moving in a different direction lately – yes again, MPs fighting in parliament or diplomatic stages is not news, but such physical confrontations do not sustain diplomacy in any way, but present the reactors as poor moderator1s unable to deal in a diplomatic manner.
It has been commentated that the opposition MPs have been reluctant on questioning and challenging the ruling party as people want opposition MPs which are more vocal, but that did not call for fist fights, personal insults and not complying with the orders of the Speaker of Parliament is a clear picture of unruliness.
Diplomacy is directed by understanding rules, call of order and guidelines which the diplomatic person understands, honours and upholds.

Therefore, the recent acts by the Honourable Seibeb and Honourable Swartbooi – if they would want to remain honourable to the nation and the rest of the diplomatic world – is that they go back to the drawing board and to redesign their political plan because they can do better.

It is prudent that they understand that they should not react to entertain and be visual and vocal for the people that already elected them and to end there – no! On the contrary they should be visual and vocal to earn more ‘followers’ from the rest of the nation and political-sphere is key – and they can learn this from the likes of His Worship, the Mayor of Windhoek, Mr. Job Amupanda and others.
This opinion is not to discredit or disvalue your opposition but to give a heads-up that your actions recently tainted your honourability more poorly than you have presented your opposition, because no extremes in politics should lead you to lose your diplomacy, because ‘diplomacy’ is; the profession, activity, or skill of managing consular relations.

Manycoloured Manley Nowaseb
Executive Director – MECNAM | Enterprise Development