Kaboy Kamikili’s new visuals for Baby

By Rosalia David

WHEN Kaboy Kamakili’s name comes to mind, it automatically takes me back to the time when he rose to prominence after videos of him singing went viral on social media, which landed him a record deal with Omshasho Records.

Kaboy Kamakili was born and raised in Oshigambo in the north and started doing music in 2011 when he was still in primary school.

After getting signed under King Tee Dee’s record label (Omshasho) the emerging artist started to release hit after hit and just recently he launched another brand new music video of his single, ‘Baby’ from his ‘Zama Boy’ album.

Honestly, I understand the vision of tapping into music that solely or primarily uses instruments to produce his latest single through acoustic means, but the attempt spoiled the song. The music video itself is quite impressive but he could have done better with the song itself.
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Perhaps what would have worked better would be to release the visuals of the original song rather.

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I watched the music video at least 10 times to convince myself that the song is enjoyable but it could just not compete with the original version, which he dropped before releasing the acoustic version on YouTube.

Without bashing the song itself, we cannot deny that the music video is ‘okay’, perhaps that’s one thing we should give him heads up for. He executed the concept of an ‘acoustic video’ fairly well and the way he expresses himself on the mic is quite interesting to watch as he demonstrates passion for music.
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The setup and the band also give the viewer the feel of a real live performance, although the odds of a backtrack playing in the background are high.

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However, I must say it was interesting to watch the band, especially the guitarist at play.

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Looking at his background and how far he has come with his music, while waiting for the official music video on the original version of the song, it is only fair to back up my judgement, but the truth is the new version of the song just did not do it for me at all.