Kalux releases banger, Tita

By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING musician Kalux has released a banger titled Tita and promises a firecracker album to be launched in September.
In an interview with Confidente, Kalux said even though he was sceptical about releasing Tita as he already had another song out (Krem), the reception of this new song has been overwhelming.
“I had put out a teaser first and that entire week, people were asking when the video is going to come out and eventually when it did I got good reviews. They love it. I was scared at first because I wanted the song to be bigger than Krem,” he explained.
Asked on what inspired the title of the song, Kalux described the song as a ‘fun vibe’ which encourages people to get up and dance off all their problems.
He said with Covid-19 being all what people talk about now, he had to release something that might beat the ‘Covid-19 regulation blues’.
“People are going through so much and all they want is to be cheered up and forget about all their problems including the pandemic. There are not a lot of shows for people to go to and have a little fun, so I decided to release this song so that one can have a good time at home with the volume on maximum,” he said.
He further thanked those who have shared the link for the song especially fellow musicians.
“One thing about my people is that when they like something, they support and those in the industry have been with me throughout the way,” he said.
The song was produced by Otjiwarongo-based producer Kallo on the Beat while the video was shot by Sodo.
While working on the new release, Kalux said he has also been on the road with commercial bank, FNB on a campaign and has recorded up to 50 songs already.
“I wanted to put out something that will bring the demand back on me and it did just that, the song somehow got me gigs now,” he added.
Now that he has released his long anticipated single, Kalux said his focus will now go to investing in new music for the artists he has signed under his music label, Superstar Records.