Kangumba wins Khomas netball best player

By Michael Uugwanga

WITH the Khomas Netball League (KNL) having concluded last weekend, players were given various plaudits for their excellent performances in the league, but one player, Zemburuka Kangumba, stood out above the rest. Kangumba, who plays for Go Monate Fela in the Super 10, was named the KNL’s overall best player of the year, even though her team failed to win the title, which went the way of the University of Namibia (Unam). Go Monate Fela finished seventh but did not prevent Kangumba from receiving the top award. She plays three positions for her club: wing defence (WD), goal defence (GD), and goalkeeper (GK).

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“It is an incredible honour, especially considering the nomination and votes from the Khomas players and coaches. I’m speechless, chosen from among the highly gifted and skilled Khomas players. When I joined Go Monate Fela, I transitioned from a mid-court player to a defensive player, though I still occasionally play in the mid-court. Many things have contributed to my success, but God is the most important.

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“I also try to work hard, to be consistent, and to be enthusiastic at all times. I try to welcome criticism, which has been difficult for me in the past, and I perform many brain activities when preparing for training and matches. Finally, I am fortunate to have a strong support network that includes my family, teammates, coach David Faustinus, and friends,” Kangumba stated. Go Monate Fela has come a long way from being an average team in the second division a few seasons ago to becoming one of the finest teams in the region and being tipped to be one of the teams competing for a title drive. The UNAM Jaguars, who won the Super 10 title, will compete in the MTC/Namibia Netball Premier League (NNPL) next season.

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