Kangweru Black Tops’ rich history

By Shingereshu Sevelinus Shingereshu

KANGWERU Black Tops Football Club was formed in 1979 by the community members of Kangweru village, some 105 kilometres east of Rundu town in the Ndonga Linena constituency, in the Kavango East Region, and plays in the North East First Division.

The North East First division is the same division that the most talked about football club, Eeshoke Chula Chula Football Club, played in last season before winning it, which prompted them to gain promotion to the Debmarine Premiership campaign.

Before the introduction, the third division football league was introduced in the rural areas, with Kangweru area no exemption, with Kangweru Black Tops those taking part in local tournaments representing Kangweru Village against clubs from different villages, such as Mukwe, Ndiyona, Mashare and Rundu Urban constituency.

Kangweru Black Tops have a rich history of conquering these local tournaments in all these constituencies and continue to do so.

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Their biggest rivals are Gumma Golden City FC and Ntunguru FC, two clubs that also hail from the same area, with Golden City playing in the second division, while Ntunguru is also a first-division outfit. In the 80s and 90s, Kangweru Black Tops used Mugcuva Sports Field as their home ground in the northern part of the great Kavango River.

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Mugcuva Sports Field has an excellent history of memorable pulsating football derbies; the earliest battle between Kangweru Black Tops and Gumma Golden City was arguably the biggest derby of all way back.

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