Kapana Spice, an authentic dating show

• By Rosalia David

ELEGANT Media has launched its first episode of the Kapana Spice dating show which brings two strangers together putting them on a blind date.

Speaking after the launch which took place over the weekend, director of the show Laudika Hamutenya said with the popularity of shows like ‘Date My Family’ and noticing that there’s a hunger from Namibian people for an authentic local show, the media company came together and thought of what was the best way to make a show that is Namibian yet borrows the traits that make international displays popular.

On the popularity of the reality dating show, Hamutenya said Kapana Spice is still a new baby but has received more than a thousand views on the first episode on YouTube.

“Kapana Spice just felt right. It’s a show about Namibian strangers coming together, looking for love and talking about their lives while munching on kapana. And is there anything more Namibian than that?

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The launch has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Most people seem to have enjoyed the first episode,” he detailed.

What attracts the viewers more is the real chemistry between the contestants which is not staged, Hamutenya added.

“We also wanted to make the show challenging and who doesn’t want to watch a couple of strangers trying to impress each other while their tongues burn off hence why we added a spicy kapana meal,” he explained.

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Hamutenya said the goal of the reality show is to not only bring two strangers together but also take  them out of their comfort zones and to hopefully fall in love.

How the idea came about, Hamutenya said he was the mastermind behind the concept and he first came up with the notion while studying in Cape Town, however it was only after joining Elegant Media that the show fully developed.

“The show was also inspired by an American YouTube show called Hot Ones, which interviews celebrities while munching on chicken wings dabbed in hot sauce.

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We’ve had popular contestants such as model Leena Shipwata whose episode is going to drop in week three (28 February) and we are currently doing an activation with Maria Nepembe this coming Thursday at Wernhil next to Sheet Street, as a way to garner more subscribers on our YouTube show and hopefully even attract possible contestants for Season 2”.