Karabo – Ondjati

By Aina Raiza Kweyo

FIRST thought

When I first saw the cover of the Ondjati album by Karabo I thought ‘uhm okay, cute, very feminine and she looks like a star’. Curious to find out what she sounded like, I took it upon myself to listen to what she had to say. Wow! I was blown away by her amazing vocals and energy. You can feel her strong presence throughout the album.

The Music

When they ask you for a versatile artist, pick Karabo. This album accomodates everyone. It’s like a rich and varied buffet at a well organised gathering. The 16-track album is a mixture of oviritje, gospel, house, kwasa kwasa and kwaito.

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Imagine listening to all these genres on one album, what a time to be alive.

Track 2, ‘Kanena’ featuring Tate Buti had me shaking what my mama gave me in front of the mirror as the lyrics moved me and the beats gave energised my body. I could actually take up a career in dancing but that’s a story for another day.

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‘Feel the Rhythm’, which is a house track delivers the kind of vibe you need on Fridays that are not so wild, where you want good fun but in moderation. The songs speaks about controlling yourself.

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The gospel mix titled ‘Kakina nako’ is so invigorating with such a sweet and authentic sound it took me back to church.

My favourite was the kwasa kwasa song, track 5, because lately I found a new love for this particular genre that I had always ignored. I’m more open to listening to everything now. Overall this album was fun, a breath of fresh of air, and I love the fact that various langauges can be heard on the album, including Otjiherero, Oshiwambo, Tswana, Damara and English.

The verdict

Karabo, you are a star. I would give you a golden ticket like the ones Simon Cowell hands out on the America’s Got Talent show. And the fact that your craft is not restricted to a genre, that’s your pass, take advantage of it. Use social media to market yourself, you can do videos of you and friends jamming to your music. How cool would that be? Come now, show us how it’s done.

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We need more female artists like you. I’m excited for your next album and all you have in store for your fans.