Karishma promoting locally made clothing

By Rosalia David

ON a journey to push locally made clothing onto a whole new level, fashion designer and female rapper Karishma Isaacs is one out of a few musicians who strictly wears local outfits in all her music videos or when performing on stage.

In an interview with Confidente, Karishma shared her huge admiration for locally made clothing saying that she would forever cherish and appreciate Namibian products, and would continue to make more ‘ready to wear’ and affordable outfits for people to buy.

“I make my own clothes for all my music videos, photo shoots and on stage. When I do that, it’s me trying to say ‘look no further’. We need to start wearing our own clothes.

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We have so many talented fashion designers out there.

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It is about time we buy Namibian for Namibians,” she said.

She further stressed that Namibian fashion lovers spend a lot of money enriching ‘other people from outside’ while their own continue to suffer financially because of the lack of support.

“People say designers are expensive but yet spend thousands of dollars to buy that one dress made by a non-Namibian just for that one specific night, while us local designers could have even charged less. The mindset needs to change”.

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Karishma added that the fashion industry receives little to no support and it was high time it got the necessary credit and support it deserves.

“I always try my utmost best to make it a point to buy local and that is why I try to wear my own outfits as much as possible so that people can ask where I bought what I am wearing”.

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Apart from plans to elevate the fashion industry, she also has a new firecracker rap track coming out soon, titled ‘Stay Woke’.

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“We are done with all the groundwork and we want to premiere it maybe towards the end of July or early August,” she said, explaining that the track ‘Stay Woke’ was penned to merely inspire those in the music industry.

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“It is not easy out here. One needs to constantly remind oneself to keep grinding no matter what, whether they like it or not. Keep moving and that is what also makes me wear local clothing proudly with no shame,” said Karishma.