Kasi Vibe to take music fans back in time

• By Rosalia David

THE Kasi Vibe Festival 2022 first edition will be introducing legendary artists such as Jericho and Ras Sheehama amongst many others on stage giving attendees an exciting lifetime experience full of Namibian old school jams.

Speaking to Confidente, Kasi Vibe public relations officer Salmi Shiguedha said the main objective of the three-day event is to promote local products as well as giving a platform to local artists to perform.

“We have artists such as Qondja as well who will be performing his most loved old school songs and many others.

We know how much people loved the songs from these artists.

The Thursday night will just be about performances,” she said.

With the aim of attracting more people to the event compared to last year, Shinguedha said Kasi Vibe 2022 has added more exhibitors that will be showcasing different, unique products.

“Come to the event and see what Namibia has to offer. We have so many good local products in Namibia that are not known by many. Come support our own,” she noted.

With a vision driven by passion, Shinguedha said they have given away stalls to two exhibitors as a way of giving back to community.

The festival has become an important part of the capital’s entertainment industry and a business hub that promotes fashion, culture, among others, and creates a jovial space for young and the old.

Shiguedha went on to say that many exhibitors who have showcased their products and services at the festival in the past, have grown to become bigger and better.

These include the AfroPrint Line, Gweri Vintage and Ila Tulye Kitchen.

“All these amazing brands were born and bred through Kasi Vibe as start-ups.

Later on, a master class will be hosted and an end-of-year market,” stated Shiguedha.

Kasi Vibe will be hosted twice this year and 35 food stalls and 30 beverage stalls, 60 services and other product stalls will be accommodated at this three-day event.

Kasi Vibe has hosted eight successful festivals to date, drawing thousands of festivalgoers and creating an opportunity for young exhibitors to build their brands.

On the security side, Shiguedha promises tight security at the event saying that security remains their top priority.

“We will be working with several security companies that will make sure that everything goes smoothly. We know how important it is to have tight security especially at events taking place in Katutura at stadiums,” she added.