Kauta, Ngarizemo in N$ 250 000 legal brawl

• By Uaueza Kanguatjivi

AFRICAN Stars Football Club Chairperson, Patrick Kauta has dragged Young African Football Club’s owner, Maleagi Ngarizemo to court over a defamation of character lawsuit to which he is suing for N$ 250 000.

The charges arise from WhatsApp messages Ngarizemo sent in an exchange with one, Philip Dala on March 6, 2021, on the Progressive Force (PF) group.

According to Court documents in Confidente’s position, Ngarizemo wrote comments to Dala saying, “U (sic) are the one who went and took money from Kauta on behalf of the O 4’s 20 000 it’s on record, so who had an agenda?

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Kauta send (sic) an envoy to meet up with u (sic) in Oshakati? Did y (sic) tell all the Comrades about this?

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“Dala is a useless Comrade, that have sold his soul for a mere 20 000 grands (sic) and he owes Kauta, Kauta is threatening him to pay the money which he does not have hence he has changed and fighting the PF (Progressive Force)”

Appearing on behalf of Kauta, lawyer, Gerson Narib said the defamatory matter was widely published as it escaped the limits of the WhatsApp group.

The lawyer stated that since the messages’ publication on social media, there was no limit to the extent of their reach.
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As a result of the publication of the defamatory statement, Kauta claims his reputation as a professional and businessman was injured.

“Further, his constitutional right to human dignity as protected by Article 8 of the Namibian Constitution was violated and he suffered damages to his reputation and dignity in the amount of N0 000,” the document reads.

In his defense, Ngarizemo pointed out Dala had told them (PF) members, during a PF group caucus meeting prior to the elective congress in 2020 on February 22, that Kauta had offered him money to stage a walk out at the elective congress.

To this, Ngarizemo testified that Dala had come in late for the said meeting to which he informed them he had met Kauta and one, Solomon Hei also known as Gazza, at a Shell Service Station in Klein Windhoek

Where he had been offered N$ 20 000 to coerce the regional chairpersons to stage a walkout at the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Elective Congress.

The defendant (Ngarizemo) further testified that Dala told them he had taken Kauta’s money but, had indicated, he would never betray his comrades by staging a walkout.

“The defendant admitted that the Kauta referred to in the statements, as published, was in fact the plaintiff, Patrick Kauta and Ngarizemo further admitted that Dala had not told him that he owed Kauta the N$ 20 000, but that this was just his own opinion because, according to him, Dala did not carry out the agreement he had with Kauta.