Kboz takes quality to the North

By Rosalia David

WINDHOEK-based veteran disc jockey and producer Bosley Ambassadeur known as ‘The turntable king or Kboz’ is breaking new ground travelling back and forth to record and produce quality music for artists based in the northern part of Namibia.

With many talented musicians from Oshakati and Ongwediva having to travel to Windhoek month in month out to acquire the best recording studios and producers in the country, Kboz has just made the recording process smoother by relocating to the North for a period of one month.

Speaking to Confidente regarding the move, Kboz described northern-based musicians as passionate hard workers.

He said that these artists also have a huge support system as music lovers that side are only influenced by local music compared to the city where international music continues to overshadow local sounds on the airwaves.

“One thing I have noticed about people from the North is that they are very passionate about their art and consume a lot of local music compared to Windhoek.

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From Oshivelo to Ongwediva, the only music you will hear is local sound,” said Kboz.

Questioned on the amount of artists he has managed to work with so far, Kboz said, he has recorded up to 19 artists and plans to work with many more on his next stint in the North. So far, he has worked with artists such as VDK, King Elegant, and Amazonkies among others.

“I thought I would only be working from there for a month but I have realised that I can make good money in the North plus the artists have no problem paying. It is less cost for them and I am really appreciated there compared to Windhoek.

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I’m treated like a celebrity.”

With experience of more than two decades in the music scene, Kboz said he is eager to bring out the talent in many musicians that he has never worked with as well as pushing the ever growing industry to a whole new level.

“I have been travelling to places like Eenhana and Omuthiya.

I don’t sit in one studio and wait for clients but rather take my laptop and whatever I need to go record them in the comfort of their homes or studios. For those who have also negotiated (the recording fee), I have assisted them because those guys that side have really showed me what talent is.

It is a pity they don’t get the necessary exposure,” he explained.