Keeping up with the Namdarshians

By Rosalia David

IF you are looking for a dramatic, exciting and hilarious reality show to watch, head over to YouTube and take a look at Namibia’s very own show, ‘Keeping up with the Namdarshians’.

The reality show focuses on five guy friends and female TV personality Riss Ross who are going on vacation to Rundu from Tsumeb.

If you are just in the mood for something easy, mindless and maybe a little trashy (or a lot trashy, depending on your mood) the guys from Tsumeb are doing the things that need to be done; they invented a reality show just for days like those.

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Whether you like your series catty, sweet or just plain weird, Keeping up with the Namdarshians is surely a show that will help you relax and wind down after a long, difficult day.

Apart from the series having the potential of becoming the next big thing in Namibia, if you are into reality shows that document the true lifestyles of individuals -telling it as it is- these diva queens are the ones to watch.

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What is more amazing about the reality show is the fact that nothing has been cut out, unveiling the drama that is occurring on the trip from someone stealing money,  to calling the guesthouse manager to chuck out the suspected thief.

I could not stop laughing at the part where one of the guys had to figure out where he has to sleep for the night when they arrived in Rundu as he had no money to book his room.

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It is true that many reality shows have bells and whistles to make them seem interesting but with this local show they proved  that you just need a bunch of jolly and dramatic people on one minibus travelling and spending an entire week or weekend together for magic to happen.

If I had to pick my favourite person in the reality show, I would go with ‘Sis Pet’. He has no tolerance for garbage, he is the one who tried to get the thief kicked out of the guesthouse; he was just not having it.