Kejarukua enjoying UK County professional cricket

• By Michael Uugwanga 

PROFESSIONAL female cricket player, Eveleen Kejarukua says she is excited about returning to play in the United Kingdom (UK) for Flitwick Cricket Club in Bedfordshire, a team she played for last year.

Speaking to Confidente, Kejarukua, who will be playing for Flitwick beginning this month and ending in September, explained that the club decided to return her services due to her strong performance last time out.

“It’s exciting to be returning to England to play cricket, and I’m looking forward to seeing and joining my teammates at Flitwick Cricket Club. Even though I’m not a member of the national women cricket squad, I have been enjoying playing in the UK. I played for the same club (Flitwick) last year when I went to England, and they wanted me back this year.

“It’s a great opportunity because cricket is a learning sport, and even if one has the experience, there is always more to learn, and it really means a lot of getting exposure and having to play cricket,” she said.

Despite having a soft spot for other sports such as netball, football, and gymnastics, Kejarukua began playing cricket at the tender age of 10 but didn’t take it seriously until she was 14 and in high school.

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