Khomas Volleyball Schools League produces thrilling encounters

• By confidente reporter

IN a thrilling display of talent and sportsmanship, the Khomas Volleyball Schools League recently completed its third round of matches at the Windhoek International School.
Organised by dedicated committees and guided by passionate coaches and teachers, the league showcased the remarkable progress of young athletes in the under-13, under-15, and under-17 categories for both boys and girls.
Participants witnessed a shift from mere winning to development, teaching them Volleyball-catch them young initiative.
Coaches and teachers meticulously organised their teams, emphasising both victories and mental resilience, reflecting a holistic approach to sports education.
The highlight of the under-17 boys’ category was the intense match between A Shipena Secondary School and Repies Remix from Rehoboth.

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Repies Remix, a team composed of high school boys from different schools in Rehoboth, emerged victorious, showcasing coach Jackson Matende’s exceptional guidance and dedication, especially evident in their challenges with transportation.

Notable Achievements:
St Joseph and DHPS demonstrated exceptional skills in the under-17 girls’ category, overcoming the previously dominant CJ Bradt H.S.
Martti Ahtisaari girls also appeared in the under-13 girls’ category, securing a notable victory against tough competitors, such as Zanele Mbeki Private School and Moses van der Byl Primary School.

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Meanwhile, Zanele Mbeki, Moses van Byl, Christ Love Christian School and many other Schools showed good displays in some matches.