Kiddie sport back after a difficult two years

• By Staff Reporter

IT is that time of the year again that the annual Kiddie Sport Programme is expected to resume this year after a challenging 2020 and 2021 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Kiddie Sport aims at the development of ball skills, coordination, and balance, reflex and socialising of the child at an early stage.

Sport codes like tennis, cricket, hockey, soccer and golf are part of the programme in which kids are taught correct techniques.

The Kiddie Sport Programme has been in existence since 1992 and is contested by mostly pre-primary and primary schools in Windhoek.


Later this year, Kiddie Sport will turn 30 years with lots of exciting events expected to take place, said its coordinator Amanda van Dyk.

“The last two years were the most challenging years ever for almost every business.

  Our Kiddie Sport team is however satisfied and grateful for the amount of enrollments for 2022 in the Kiddie Sport Programme. Some schools only allow us now for the first time after the Covid outbreak.

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The Kiddie Sport programme gives them (learners) a host of options to choose from when they are older,” said Van Dyk.

Official Kiddie Sport coaching started on Monday at different schools.

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“We have introduced the age groups of four years to 10 years in sport codes such as hockey, tennis, cricket, football, golf, volleyball, netball in order to improve their hand eye, foot eye and body coordination levels. 

“We also offer them the whole package and no choices are made for them. With Kiddies Sport programme we are able to identify sport talent at a very young age and recommend more professional training at an appropriate academy,” said Van Dyk.

She also said that 70 percent of the learners that are under the Kiddies Sport programme are part of various sport teams at their respective schools.

“At the same time we prepare the little ones for the official sport activities of their primary schools. Seventy percent of our Kiddie Sport students are part of the sport teams at their primary schools, because of better coordination skills already mastered at Kiddie Sport.

“Classes are small, half an hour per week at schools in Windhoek.

The better the little ones coordination levels and their self-confidence, the better the young ones perform in the class situation.  It is a win-win situation. Those parents that want to enroll their kids in the programme can contact Amanda van Dyk on 081 124 4385/”.