King Tee Dee online concert a success

By Rosalia David

THE coronavirus outbreak caused mass cancellations of tours, concerts and festivals worldwide, but some local artists such as Kwaito legend King Tee Dee and Tate Buti are determined to connect with their fans through live online music shows.

Over the long weekend, award winning musician King Tee Dee hosted one such live streaming concert, featuring longstanding music maestro Tate Buti, where they battled it out on stage, performing hit songs from their respective repertoires.

With both artists having more than a decade’s experience in the industry, the two musicians entertained up to 50 000 viewers on Facebook while the number of viewers on YouTube continues to grow.

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Speaking to Confidente after the show, King Tee Dee described it as a success, as the show reached the anticipated audience numbers.

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“The show was definitely a success, we pulled it off and people really had fun from the comfort of their home. The feedback was amazing,” he said.

King Tee Dee described Tate Buti as a funny guy and easy to work with, and therefore chose him to share a stage with.

“We come a long way and we have been doing music ever since, I couldn’t choose a better competitor, I mean who has as many albums as we do to perform the entire night? Other artists are newcomers. We did this for fun and it turned out just well, I work with him very well,” he said.

King Tee Dee performed a few hit songs from his ‘Deception’ and ‘You Can’t Ignore’ albums, such as ‘Ondahala Kushiva’, ‘Can You Feel It’ and many others, while Tate Buti surprised viewers with sizzling tracks, such as ‘Aina’ featuring Topcheri and ‘Itodulu’.

KP Illest, DJ Kadafi and Dj Chinchilla also came out to support the legend on his first live streaming concert while the show was cheered by radio personality and MC Helvi.

Not only did they bring entertainment to music lovers at home, the artists also took it upon themselves to spread the message of how to protect oneself from the coronavirus through regular handwashing and by keeping one-meter distance from others as advised.

Tate Buti also advised viewers to adhere to the protective measures by staying home, saying that he was doing the same to protect himself and his family.

King Tee Dee further mentioned that plans are in the pipeline to stage part two of the concert.

Over the same long weekend, Gazza also hosted a live streaming show including MTC 081 Fest concert.