‘Kombaanga Okwiinyenga’ hitmaker goes viral

By Rosalia David

MUSICIAN and producer Shiikomwenyo Victor better known as Zomblam became broadly popular after releasing a single titled ‘Kombaanga Okwiinyenga’ which topped radio charts and played in almost every shebeen and at parties during the festive season, while doing the rounds on social media.

In an interview with Confidente, Zomblam expressed enthusiasm towards the support he has been getting since December saying that he had never expected the song to blow up the way it did.

“I have been doing music for a very long time but never ever had I expected to become popular through that one song.

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It is true that it takes one good song to finally get recognised in the industry,” he said.

He went on to say that he had been in the music industry for close to six years with two albums under his belt.

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“If it was not for that song, people would still not know me, but I have been around making music.

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Asked what inspired the title and the lyrics of the song, Zomblam said, “The song is talking about how it’s finally Friday and that the money deposited in my account has reflected, so, it is me basically just asking, where is the party, I want to go have a drink of my Tassenberg.”

Kombaanga Okwiinyenga is a song from his 19-track third album titled ‘Matured music for matured people’ (sic).

He explained that he released the song on a Friday so that it could blend in well with the lyrical content. After releasing the song, Zomblam was surprised to receive an avalanche of messages on his social media platforms as reaction to the song.

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He was pleasantly astonished to see different videos made by people singing along to his song.

“I was so surprised, I was like wow and I would say, because of that song people bought out my album. It was selling like hot cakes and it was the number one selling album at Antonio’s Art before Tate Buti released his,” he added.

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He further said, towards the end of January, he will also be shooting a music video for the much loved keDecember song.

Questioned on what music lovers can now look forward to, Zomblam said he is already gearing up for his fourth album that will be released mid this year.